Anders Kullmann Klok

2012 Reel coming soon..

19/9: Puzzle game with claymation graphics Genius Greedy Mouse out for Android, iOS comming soon.

20/7: See trailer for latest 3d production Princess and the Frog at

3D CG Character Show Reel 2008 on youtube

Order of apperance : TigerBean logo fall, The Stead Fast Tinsoldier (Truemax), Puss in Boots, Agent 6167, Mythical kings of Denmark, Emul game-model (TZR), Louis Armstrong and Danse Macabre (History of Music), Timetravel (Natur Bornholm), Train conversation (DSB), Mø'ksen (modelling contest entry).

Modelling Reel 2005 on youtube

Demo Reel 2003 on youtube

Modelling, Rigging, Skinning, Morphing, Animation.